How Can You Boost Team Engagement?

Engagement within your team is a measurement of how connected and committed your members are to their individual roles as well as the mission of the wider team.

Having a team that is connected and committed means they are functioning at their full capacity. The first step to boosting engagement within your team is knowing the characteristics of the disengaged.

If you recognise any of the following team members, it is time to start taking action:

The Coaster

Do you have team members who seem happy enough but only ever do the bare minimum? They can be lazy, unmotivated and they hardly ever take initiative in the group. They sail on through without any interest in growth and they can go unnoticed because, in the end, they do get the job done.

To bring the Coaster back into the group and get them engaged, try digging deeper to uncover any issues that might be lying beneath the surface. Are there family troubles or any other external pressures that are causing them to be complacent in their role in the team? Knowing about these issues does not mean you have to try to fix them – just the knowledge can mean that you adjust their tasks and challenge them accordingly.

The Indifferent

Is there a team member who lacks respect for the process, complains, misses deadlines or just seems plain disinterested in the team’s mission? This lack of passion can halt the progress of your team and it’s not ideal.

Creating a positive environment full of inspiration can be a great chance for your indifferent team members to get excited about their work. In addition, giving them varying tasks to challenge them and widen their horizons is a great way to get their passion for their role back.

The Independent

Within your team there may be certain individuals who aren’t as dedicated to the team spirit. Prone to headstrong independence and an unwillingness to help others, they are not at all team players.

The best way to incite a team spirit is by modelling it yourself. As the leader, show your team members you care and are dedicated to working together. In the case of individuals set on being Independent, show you care about them, their lives and their interests and encourage them to take part in team building activities.

The Strong & Silent

Do you have those team members who seem to do good work, but never contribute? They seem disinterested in collaborative discussions, they never have any questions and they never offer up any feedback. Introverts are common in diverse teams but there is a difference between those who are introverted and those who just aren’t interested.

To boost engagement with your Strong & Silent types, connect with each of your team members individually, showing you care about their work and their lives. Use positive reinforcement when they do speak and use humour to grab their attention and make them feel at ease.

The Spiritless

Do you know what your team members do on the weekend? At the risk of being overbearing, it might be worth your time to find out. Individuals who are showing a proclivity for sleeping on their days off, in lieu of socialising or engaging in a hobby,  are individuals who are at risk of becoming disengaged altogether.

Encouraging team members in their strengths can be a great way to boost confidence and incite an interest in trying new things – varying an individual’s role within the team can also spark ideas and may encourage them to try new things outside of their role in the team.

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