Are you a gecko in your leadership role?


I recently returned from a trip to Thailand – it was a great opportunity to rest, relax and decompress after such a hectic couple of years. Taking this time to rejuvenate is so important and I’m very grateful to have had the opportunity to do this. 

Right throughout the country, you’ll spot lots of little geckos roaming around and making themselves comfortable in lots. The Thai people have lots of beliefs about the geckos they share their country with and one of these beliefs stuck with me. 

Geckos, leadership and change  

Many people believe that the gecko is bringing a message of change and can be looked upon to see your ability to accept change and adapt to it. 

In the climate of today’s world, it’s never been more important for leaders to be managing the change and leading their teams through it. Much like people look at the geckos to be guided as they face change, teams also look at their leaders for guidance throughout times of change. 

Even when you don’t realise it, your team is looking at you. They want to understand how you are responding to and reacting to change in the organisation – whether it’s good news, bad news, changes in policies, restructuring or any number of other kinds of change. 

People watch how the leaders react to find a cue as to how they should react. Your response gives them the go-ahead to react in a similar way, for better or for worse. 

How should you respond to change? 

Now that you know your team is looking to you for guidance, it can leave you wondering what you should be doing to lead change more effectively.

  1. Lead from the top 
  2. Address the human side of change 
  3. Walk the talk 
  4. Involve every layer of your team/organisation 
  5. Make a formal case and share the vision of the change 
  6. Help your team to take ownership 
  7. Communicate the message of change clearly 
  8. Specifically address how the culture of your team will change  
  9. Be prepared for the unexpected
  10. Talk directly to individual team members 

When you are doing these things, it becomes easier for your team to look to you and understand how they should respond to the change that is taking place within your team. Change can often mean friction within teams – most people are reluctant to accept change naturally – but when they gain a better understanding, change can take place smoothly and keep your organisation moving forward.

So, are you a gecko in your leadership role? Are you putting yourself in the best position to lead change as your team looks to you for guidance? 

Overseas travel may seem out of reach for some, still, but I really encourage you to do what you can to take some time out to rest and recharge your batteries – preferably away from the house that you’ve spent so much time in over the last two years – it will make you a better leader and more ready to deal with whatever change is coming your way.

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