Are you focused on the details or the big picture?


Everyone has their own way of processing information. Some like to think of the big picture, keeping it high level, while others like to zoom in on the details and focus on the smaller facts. It’s likely you know which of these you tend to lean towards already — the question is, is one better than the other? 

Looking at the big picture 

Lots of successful entrepreneurs are big picture thinkers — it’s important to have a vision and act according to that vision. The great thing about leaders who see the big picture is that they are great at keeping their team focused on the end goal, and working towards it constantly. 

Often, those who think big picture are fast-movers. These leaders will process information quickly and make a decision that aligns with goals — this is a great thing, but it can also leave their team scratching their heads, unsure of how the decision was made. Big picture thinkers need to remember to take their teams along for the ride, explaining the information and their decision-making process. 

Examining the details 

Detail-oriented leaders are fantastic at thinking through every possible outcome for an action or decision. The focus they have and their level of understanding of each piece of information is often extensive and it can be extremely valuable for their teams. 

However, the danger for those who are focused on the details is that they can get bogged down by the little things, seeing potential failure from a mile away and deciding not to take the risk. Detail-oriented leaders need to be careful that they take on other opinions and step back to see how it all fits together, rather than not seeing the forest for the trees. 

Thinking bigger … is it better? 

While it is possible for a leader to balance both of these ways of thinking within themselves, it’s even better to have a team made up of a mixture of both. Thinking big picture all the time is not always a good thing, but getting bogged down in the details can also stall your team’s progress. Balancing the two within your own leadership or bringing people into your team who think about information differently is the secret to having a well-rounded team that works towards success. 

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