Do you know the symptoms of a disengaged team?

Engaged teams are always committed to the success of the organisation and you need this commitment to keep moving forward.

Engagement in a team setting is a term that is thrown around a lot, but does it really matter if your team is engaged? We believe the answer to that is a resounding yes! Engaged teams are always committed to the success of the organisation and you need this commitment to keep moving forward.

Every team comes up against challenges but some challenges can cause more damage than others and letting the symptoms of disengagement go undiagnosed could be lethal for your team.

The Symptoms?

Apathetic – Does your team seem unexcited about the tasks they have to complete? When they walk in each day, do they seem as though they really care about the mission of your organisation or do they show up looking bored and indifferent to the role they play in the wider organisation? Everyone has their bad days but are those bad days dragging on for longer than they should and permeating the attitude of every team member?

Incohesive – Are your team members interacting with each other regularly? One of the most essential elements of a team is being able to work together to reach a common goal. If they refuse to help each other out, don’t trust each other and undermine each other it can be a sign that there is a disconnect somewhere along the line.

Adequacy – This is possibly one of the most difficult symptoms to spot. Sure, your team may get the job done satisfactorily but do they ever go above and beyond? Do they ever stay back after closing time to make sure something gets done or do they leave it unfinished for someone else to deal with? Adequate performance can slip by unnoticed but a team that is really engaged will go out of their way to exceed every expectation and go the extra mile.

The Cure?

Stimulate motivation – Your team need to be motivated and inspired in order to care about the organisation’s overarching mission. This inspiration will then bleed into the everyday tasks and leave your team excited to start the day and work towards goals.

Foster relationships and trust – Cohesiveness is encouraged through friendships and trustworthy relationships. When your team trusts you, as their leader, as well as their teammates, they know that they won’t be undermined and can work with confidence towards a common goal.

Encourage courageousness – Adequate work will get you and your team through but at the end of the day, you need your team to be going the extra mile. Encouraging your team members to take calculated risks and be courageous in their work and supporting them when they do go that extra mile can help your team to go to the next level and keep moving forward.

When all’s said and done, an engaged team is a productive team that will help to move your organisation towards success. Don’t let the symptoms disengagement go unnoticed and start taking steps today to cure it.

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