Encouraging growth in your team 


Moving forward isn’t about doing the same-old, same-old. Shaking things up, learning to do things in a different way and challenging your team is the way that they can grow. Many leaders want their team to grow but don’t know how to make it happen. 

Why does a growth mindset matter? 

When it comes to the mindset of your team, it’s likely your team is more prone to one of these two options: a fixed mindset or a growth mindset. 

Teams with a fixed mindset are more likely to be focused on ‘just getting the job done’ and might be held back by sticking to old tried and true methods. There’s nothing wrong with trusting in old processes and frameworks — there’s a reason they work! — but if your team is blinkered to the possibilities of better ways of working they run the risk of getting stuck in their ways and refusing to grow. A lack of growth can mean a stagnant team that isn’t ready for the future. 

When a team has a growth mindset, they’re looking for new ways of working to optimise their skills, productivity and their own personal development. A team that is looking out for great ideas is one that is ready to tackle any problem that might be thrown at them. 

Teams with a growth mindset are ready and motivated to learn new things and when they do learn, they share their skills and knowledge with their fellow team members, whether they realise it or not. Your team can only get better with members who are passionate about learning and growing their skillset. 

So, how can you encourage this growth? 

Make your team aware of professional development opportunities 

Sometimes, the easiest way to encourage growth is simply by making your team aware of the opportunities available to them. Team members need to own their professional development, but leaders should be having the conversation about what’s available to them, how to shape a Personal Development plan and even completing an Individual Development Plan with each team member. Leaders should be making sure that every team member knows what is available to them. 

Have constructive conversations with your team members 

Checking in with your team doesn’t always have to be about hitting targets and getting results. Talking with your team to discuss how they work best, what they enjoy doing and, alternatively, what they don’t enjoy doing can help them to understand what they love about working in your team and where they might want to expand their skillset. It can also help leaders to keep their eye out for opportunities that would be suited for each team member. 

Help your team align personal goals alongside professional goals 

All work and no play … you know the rest. Professional development and personal development do not need to be two separate entities. Encouraging your team members to take up a hobby or a new skill or even coaching their kid’s soccer team in their personal life can ignite a passion for learning — many adults can get caught up in their day-to-day lives, never allowing themselves the time to stretch their brain and their skills. Encourage them to do this in their personal lives and to share what they’re learning with the rest of the team and soon enough, they’ll also be ready to grow professionally, taking your team to new heights! 

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