Get real with your message

As leaders, we have all had times when we’ve encountered a situation where we’ve tried to get a message across and it hasn’t been taken on board or the point was missed by our team completely. So, what happens when a message is shared with no up-take, and how can it be addressed for greater success next time around?

Who are you talking to?

Your message, regardless of what it is, will need to reach all kinds of different people. Perhaps you need to share your message through other leaders, maybe even one-to-one or by using a different communication channel. After your teams receive the message, where do they need to take it? If your clients or customers are the final receivers of the message, you have to take them into consideration too. Does your team carry the trust and belief in what you are sharing? If your team isn’t on board with your message, your clients never will be.

Always be thinking about whom you’re talking to – directly or indirectly. Your words could travel far and wide if you deliver them in just the right way. If you miss the mark, your message won’t get very far at all.

Be a real person

There is a time and a place for jargon and corporate speak but it’s not when you’re trying to share an important message with your team. Don’t confuse your team with big words and swanky thoughts; make sure your language is easy to understand so that the message can easily cut through all the other white noise in the average workday.

It’s always important to speak with authority – after all, you want to be taken seriously – but remember to be relatable and approachable. If there is any confusion regarding your message, you want your team to feel comfortable approaching you for clarification. You can’t be all business, all the time, so take a moment to get on the same level as your team and speak candidly.

Don’t focus just on the facts and figures

Of course, facts and figures are a part of our workplaces and they’re great ways to see how we’re tracking but it’s important not to dwell on the numbers too much. This is not to say you should ignore the numbers – just turn them into a story. Your team will respond much better to your storytelling than to dry facts and figures – and, at the end of the day, they’ll remember the story more than the numbers themselves.

Get visual

As the adage says, a picture says a thousand words. In a digital world of shortening attention spans, how can you keep your message short, sweet and delivering all it needs. Infographics are a great support tool to communicate complex data in digestible way, so have a think about the wider messaging resources you can leverage to ensure your message is well-communicated.

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