Keeping your team motivated throughout the year


Every organisation has a different schedule. Teachers are run off their feet when it’s time to send in reports, accountants are swamped when the End of Financial Year rolls around, while florists have a booming business on Mother’s Day. It’s easy to keep motivated during these times — the work needs to be done and a long to-do list can be satisfying to tick off as you go. But working in any organisation also comes with its fair share of quiet days. Weeks where it feels like the next public holiday is just too far away or times when work feels a little dull or repetitive. This is nothing to be worried about — every area of life has its ups and downs, ebbs and flows — but there are a few things you can do to keep things exciting and to keep your team motivated, even throughout those quieter times. 

Shake things up 

Sometimes a change is as good as a rest! Shaking things up for your team doesn’t have to be complicated. Set up a team lunch or cocktail hour once a week for something to look forward to — remember you can still do this in the age of social distancing with virtual options. Rearranging the office can be exciting too! It doesn’t need to be drastic — maybe it looks like a new poster on the wall or replacing the old desks you’ve had for far too long. These little changes in the environment can refresh things in your mind and the mind of your team. 

Revisit your goals 

When you start to feel like you’re going through the motions, it can be because you or your team has lost sight of the goals that drive your organisation. Check in on them, talk through your progress and break them down into bite-sized tasks. Breaking those goals down into more achievable tasks can help you to feel like you’re moving forward and making a difference, which motivates you to keep going. 

Invest in passion projects 

If things are a little quieter and you have the resources, give your team the opportunity to invest time into their own passion projects. Whether it’s tackling a project they’ve always wanted to do but lacked the time, fixing a problem in your organisation’s workflow, or even bringing something they love from their personal life into their work in the office, giving your team a chance to do something they care about is a great way to get the creative juices flowing again and to build enthusiasm. 

Finding motivation while working from home 

Right now, many organisations are still working from home and finding that it’s even harder to maintain motivation. Many people aren’t getting out as much as they would usually as they try to social distance and others aren’t taking any leave after holidays have been cancelled. Your team members might not be taking the breaks they need throughout the day and throughout the year and it’s important that leaders are looking out for this. 

So, how do you solve this problem? 

  • Encourage your team to get out for a breath of fresh air and some exercise is still possible as long as social distancing and Government restrictions are adhered to. Getting the blood pumping can make you feel excited about your work, even if you go for a solo walk. 
  • Make sure your team is taking breaks throughout the day so they aren’t working straight through. The normal in-office work day is filled with water cooler chats, coffee breaks and trips to grab lunch, so encourage your team to continue doing that. 
  • Provide socialising opportunities.This could be a group chat or a Zoom call or even a small team lunch where venues permit. Working from home can get monotonous if you don’t have the usual back and forth amongst your team! 

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