The importance of celebrating 


Two years into the pandemic, we are beginning to see the easing of restrictions as the world opens up – and, consequently, so do our lives. Things that haven’t been possible for some time are now coming back onto our radars and our calendars.  

Just this past weekend, I was a part of my eldest daughter’s wedding celebrations – a bright spot of celebration coming after two years of compromise and adjustments. Weddings bring so many people together and many of our friends and family travelled from all over the country to celebrate with us. Many still could not make it due to restrictions and their absence was a reminder of the frustrations that the pandemic has caused us all. 

Still, it was no surprise to me that, throughout the day, many people approached me, expressing just how wonderful it was to come together to celebrate. In a time when casual gatherings have been difficult to organise, bigger events like weddings have seemed impossible. 

It was a great reminder to me that celebrations are important vehicles for increased motivation, spurring us on for whatever is next. 

During difficult times, simply getting through the day can be the highest priority. Organisations all over the world have, rightly, been focused on survival. When this happens, it’s easy to push celebrations of milestones aside even though there are plenty of reasons to celebrate in the daily life of your team. 

From birthdays and work anniversaries to promotions or the success of a project – there are wins both big and small scattered throughout the week. When you choose not to celebrate these things, it can feel as though you are just moving onto the next thing, without properly marking your achievement or milestone. 

When you’re caught in a cycle of non-celebration, it’s easy to feel burnt out as you move onto the next thing with no demarcation or recognition for your work. 

Remembering to celebrate these things is a simple way to make recognition a priority again and boost motivation of your team as they celebrate their achievements together – bonding together and relaxing as they do it. 

If it has been a while since you and your team have truly celebrated your achievements, take this as a reminder to bring it back into the life of your team. As you make the transition back into the office, take this opportunity to redefine your team’s expectations around celebrations. If your team is still online for the foreseeable future, it might be time to consider how you can get creative, gathering together online to commemorate your hard work and motivate each other for future projects. 

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