The power of fun in teams 

Life in any organisation has its rhythms, things that need to be done at certain times, routines that everyone finds comfort in. This regularity can be what helps many organisations to be successful, but it can also mean that many teams aren’t being encouraged to think outside of the box.

Thinking differently invites inclusion and innovation 

This past month, I ran a workshop with an organisation that was bringing their leadership team together to review their strategic plan. It’s an important task, one that will help their organisation to move forward into the future. 

The larger group was split up into smaller teams, which each had their own classic board game – Jenga, Scrabble, Kerplunk etc … all easy childhood games that everyone loves and can get involved in. To take their turn in each round, each member of the team needed to come up with a different idea related to the strategy workshop. 

Everyone loved the fun of playing the familiar games and the ideas flowed easily while they enjoyed themselves, with plenty of laughter along the way. 

It’s not the only way to bring some fun into your team, but it’s a great example of how a normal brainstorming session that might be traditional and dry can be turned on its head to become something different and fun that really gets everyone talking. 

Shaking it up – with intention 

Doing things a bit differently is important, but it does need to be done intentionally – not flippantly or just for the sake of having fun. 

Knowing what you want to achieve from bringing in elements of fun will help you decide on the right method, meaning you avoid anything that’s ‘showy’ or shallow.

Injecting fun can see great results 

When you transform organisational activities from something that has your team going through the motions to something that gets people excited and thinking outside of the box, there’s a lot your team can stand to gain. 

Relationships – whether it’s breaking down barriers between leaders and team members, tearing down the silos between departments or just helping new recruits to integrate into the team, fun activities can help people to feel more comfortable to be themselves and let loose a little bit.

Innovation – as I saw at the workshop recently, shaking things up can see people thinking in different ways and more willing to share their ideas before they’ve had a chance to refine them. It helps get more ideas out on the table and bring other people into the conversation earlier for collaborative problem solving. 

Culture – a great result of the prior two points is a culture where fun, innovation and strong relationships are thriving. When done with intention, fun activities can strengthen your teams culture and create a working environment where harmony and collaboration are at the forefront. 

Regardless of how well things are going for your team – or how challenging – there’s always scope to be considering how you can do things differently, keeping things interesting and fun.

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